Artwork on Stands

Starfield, $75
Fused glass artwork (8″x 8″) incorporating a combination of glass frit powders, including aventurine blue for added sparkle (photo does not do it justice), and clear glass dots on a sand-blasted, clear glass foundation. Black iron display stand included.


Star of Bethlehem (8.5″ x 20″), $300
This artwork is created by using a combination of black, midnight blue, and aventurine blue glass frit powders layered to create a night sky base for a star of iridized light silver grey and clear glass.


Butterflies & Daisies 2012, $50
Tack fused glass artwork (8″x 8″) that used clear reeded glass and steel blue frit powder to create the parallel-lined texture of the background which has also been sandblasted on the back. The butterfly bodies were created taking glass rods and twisting them together over an open flame. Clear display stand included.


Ladybugs 2012, SOLD
Fused glass artwork (8″x8″) featuring saturated colored glass depicting ladybugs climbing up a vine-covered dark purple wall. Black iron display stand included.